Know-How & Do-How Program

Want to enhance staff capability

Nurturing staff’s competence is the same as raising a business.
Besides enhancing staff’s individual strength such as sales skill and product quality improving skill, our provision of training opportunities also help employees realizing that “working hard for the company is contributing to own personal growth”, thus raising teamwork spirit and motivation in the whole organization.

On page For distributors – For manufacturing industries, we have wrote about organizational improvement.
On this page, we would like to talk about the specific training our company has directly given to staff.

Skill 1

Customer interactions Support for sales staff
One of the factors defining whether a product’s image is positive or negative is the sales pitch given by the staff greeting customers in stores.
We would like to introduce our training program aiming at enhancing “customer interactions” skill – the major key influencing store sales and repeat customer rate.

Skill 2

Improvement Support for factory workers
When errors occur in production line, the workers are requested to detect them at the soonest. They must also come up with ways eliminating illogicality, wastefulness, and inconsistency. The program is dedicated to help factory workers develop both the skills and this mindset.

Skill 3

Support for basic skills
Helping staff to develop basic skills that are crucial in any line of work such as effective communication outside company, logical thinking skills for situational problem solving, ability to give clear presentation.

Case study in Vietnam