For retailers & S.P.A (Personal brand retailers)

Want to promote sales capacity of Vietnamese distributors.

There are ways to help dealers stimulate employee’s autonomy and sales increase.

“Distributor” is an integral partner when selling a product. It is through these distributors that a product’s appeal can be fully shown to the customers or them deciding to return to the stores. That way, company can continue to have revenue and profit.

However, come with the increase of distributing outlets are some of the below issues.

S.P.A (Personal brand retailers)

S.P.A (Personal brand retailers)

Issue 1
Difficult to know if the reports made by responsible staff are correctly capturing the actual situation.

Distributors (Dealer) & Store

Distributors (Dealer) & Store

Issue 2
Anxiety of distributor’s owner being unable to capture stores’ situation.

Sales staff at store & Customers

Sales staff at store & Customers

Issue 3
Difficult to know if sales staff is effectively PR-ing for the products.

Let’s solve the above issues step by step.

Step 1

On-site store inspection
Our company’s consultants will unveil the issues behind the stores’ operation. To fully comprehend the stores’ situation, the consultants will apply the “Store check list” which was specifically made from personal experience.

Based on 1 day of on-site inspection, we digitize stores’ management level on a 100 points scale. Next, we systemize detected issues and compile a report.

See here for details

Step 2

Suggest solutions
Based on inspection report, our consultants will proceed to confirm with the distributor’s owner and stales staff. From there, we begin to establish specific action plans for each issue.

See here for details

Step 3

Sales skill enhancement training
Upon repeating step 1 and 2 at many distributors, we have had a clear view of the major problems occurring in sale stores. Accepting the problems, we perform training courses to pass the necessary knowledge.

See here for details

Case study in Vietnam

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